Plan of Action

Firstly, we intend to buy the land hailing in the hills of Kotagiri and further to construct the congregate the idea Sai Tapovan, we require your assistance to gather the fund under the SAI FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST of Rupees INR 1.8 Crores (18 million). Any contributions from your end will greatly help us serve humanity and spread love, wisdom and light to all corners of the universe

The plan is envisaged in approximately 2-acre land on the mountain top. With a state-of-art structure at the center which is the ‘Pyramid Temple’ fondly called as – ‘Pyramid Mai’. This unique and one of a kind worship centres is envisioned to accommodate a capacity is 200-250 people for meditation and temple activities with a Shirdi Sai Baba statue along with an ever-burning fire called Dhuni. Beneath the pyramid structure is given a silentious space exclusive for meditation proclaimed as “Moksha Shala”, a mystical place to attain enlightenment. There is a Gurusthan with a sacred neem tree in the middle, a Hanuman mandir, Shani, Ganesha and Shiv Mandir to maintain the divine vibrations of Shirdi. The facilities will include kitchen, dining, equine shelter, goshala, medical aid, library, holistic ayurvedic healing center and much more.

This entire concept will be driven based on community-effort upon doing small/medium scale economic activities such as cooking, doing household chores in and around Sai Tapovan premises. This will also include the practice of giving back to environment and nature by, taking care of the cattle and performing small scale dairy farming, organic farming and agricultural activities and ultimately become drive operations at Sai Tapovan. We will further see to that all activities will serve our guests and visitors spiritually benefit their lives of people who come from different walks of life globally.

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