A heaven to get back in touch with yourself..

Bird’s eye view of ashram:

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful, naturally beautiful place to spend some time at, if you want to get away from the maddening crowd and slow down and refresh, rediscover yourself, then Sai Tapovan Ashram at Sai Valley is the right place for you.

Tapovan ashram is a beautiful, serene, tranquil, green and blissful 9-acre campus located in an isolated, scenic valley between two mountain ranges, Kotagiri 25 km from Ooty in the Western Ghats of Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a place that rests your soul from the incessant, frenetic thinking and activity that seems to be plaguing humanity today. And in the absence of the numerous attention-demanding diversions, there is a chance of you coming in touch with something that is beyond the reach of normal thought, something that might change your perspective of life.

These tenets of charity, acceptance and peaceful contemplation drive our mission forward. As disciples and children of Shirdi Sai, we are serving Him and making His presence global – by spreading love and spiritual wisdom. Sai Tapovan, is not exactly a temple or an ashram or monastery. It is simply your celestial and heavenly second home, a unique spiritual retreat center, where you can derive the concept of spirituality and meditate, pray and attend spiritual discourses (Satsang); it is a place where you can meet other like-minded people, who wish seek this spiritual journey along and with whom you can travel, cook, eat and share ideas to improve this world around you that help humanity.

Sai Tapovan

It is a place where you can forget the worries of your chaotic life and find your inner balance, harmony and peace. You can seek opportunities to share more love into the world. As we understand, there is no ultimate Guru other than you yourself, we at Sai Tapovan will help awaken the Guru in you, so that you can realize yourself and return to an nlightened state. There will always be Annadhaan (food offerings to the inmates and visitors) which will be an continuous activity (24x7) and spiritual sessions (yoga and guided/group meditation) which will be conducted on a regular basis at the centre.


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